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The Company

This family business, founded by José Francisco Lopes Batista, dates back to April 16, 1966, with the opening of a small supermarket in Local da Calheta, an area of Praia da Luz.

Later, in 1974, it changed premises, but still continued to operate in the heart of Praia da Luz.
It remains in this spot until the year 2000. Then, given the need for expansion, it moves to a larger building, built from scratch, only a few meters away. By that time, the company was already managed by his oldest son, Rui José dos Reis Batista, who is the manager until today.

In September 2000 a new concept was born: a larger store, divided into several sections and displaying a greater diversity of national and international products.

In this store, you will find a superb selection of cold cuts, fresh produce, a bakery and a butcher, an excellent wine cellar that features both national and worldwide wines, a tobacco shop and a cafe.

Currently, the company relies on the collaboration of thirty staff members, divided by the various store sections. Some of these employees have been with the company for more than four decades.

Although maintaining its “family-owned business feeling”, Supermercado Baptista has tried to keep up with market demands and meet customers’ needs and expectations.

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